The risks of Dimpleplasty surgery

April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

The risks of Dimpleplasty surgery and why even when it goes well, it is wrong…

Plastic surgery is not a new thing. People have been getting nipped and tucked for years. Body modifications are common place, be it boob jobs or face-lifts, the want for such treatments is still high – But just because the desire and want is there and the fact that cosmetic surgery is now more common place than ever before, does not take away the risks involved.

Of course, any surgery is risky. Every surgeon will tell you that – But dimpleplasty surgery comes with a few risks that really need to be highlighted.


What is involved?

The dimpleplasty procedure involves making a cut in skin around the mouth and stitching the underside of the skin to a deeper layer to create a small depression. The stitch holding the skin in place dissolves leaving the patient with a permanent scar which maintains the dimple.

Let’s be clear here, the dimple created is done through scarring the patient. This means that no matter the mood of the person who has had the procedure, happy, sad, angry or whatever, that dimple is not going to naturally disappear. It will always be on show – which being that dimples usually only come out to play when you are smiling or laughing, could look a little weird at times (awkward!).

The risks


Bleeding, scarring, under/over correction, revisional surgery, persistence of unwanted dimples without facial animation and weakness of the involved muscles are all possibilities. As is post-operative infections and cheek abscesses.

In some cases if a surgery doesn’t go well, no change can be seen on the face at all, but because you have had the surgery, you will still be liable for the hospital and admin fees. So not only will you have nothing to show for it, except recovery time and financial loss, you will have to pay for a follow up surgery, because it didn’t work!!!

And more horribly, complications like abscesses (which are incredibly painful) can take a really terrible turn and leave you disfigured (as well as out of pocket).

The unknown

Another thing that you need to consider when you are deciding whether to get this surgery, is that there is a further risk factor that is extremely significant.

For a moment, try and cast aside the thoughts of abscesses and the many painful weeks spent recovering, and instead think about the fact that dimpleplasty surgery is a new and untested field.

The key words there being new and untested!

The long term effects of dimple surgery is unknown.

What will they look like when your skin starts to sag and wrinkle with age?

Natural methods

catherine duchess of cambridge dimples

There are much simpler ways that you can attain dimples that are also a lot kinder to your body and your mental health.

By going down the route of cosmetic surgery, not only are you buying yourself a ticket for a virtual health lottery where the overall outcome is definitely unknown, you are also risking your bank account with an expense that could potentially only keep on growing.