How to Get Dimples Naturally

If you were not blessed with the genetic defect known as dimples, but you wish you were, you are in luck.

You don’t need to be born with dimples as you can create them for yourself naturally. So hold off on the money guzzling, risky and painful thoughts of surgery and check out our handy four-step guide that goes through the basics for how to create dimples naturally.

Step One (best done in front of a mirror)


Pout then pucker your lips. Suck in your cheeks then make a face as though you just ate something sour (like a lemon).

Your lips should be slightly puckered or pouting and your cheeks should be sucked in. Your lips should also be closed.

Note: Do not clench your teeth as this can prevent you from properly sucking your cheeks in.

When you look at your reflection, if done correctly, you will notice that your cheeks will be naturally indented inwards. The deepest part of the indentation should rest between your top and bottom teeth, about halfway between the front and back of your mouth.

Step Two

index finger


Locate the indentations on your cheeks and with your index fingers gently press into the indentations where they are deepest. Pause and take a breath and then press and hold the indentations.

Note: Make sure to hold your fingers there firmly as you will be moving your mouth in the next exercise.

Step Three

kirsten dunst dimples

Slowly ease your grimaced expression (remember, you look like you have sucked on a lemon!) into a big wide smile. While you are doing this your fingers should still be fixed firmly in place on your indentations.

Note: It is important that your smile is wide and open-mouthed for you to get the best effects from the exercises.

Remember to check your reflection. If you are doing the exercise correctly,  your fingers should be positioned near the corners of your smile. If your fingertips appear to be in the wrong place and have slipped, adjust them back to the correct location.

Step Four

Hold this position for at least  30 minutes and repeat daily.

You can also mimic dimples with make-up and some people get their cheeks pierced to try and replicate dimples.

The above exercise is a basic guide that will help you on your way to dimpled beauty, for more information, please check out our program.

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