Cheryl Cole Dimples

March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Cheryl Fernandez- Versini known as ‘Cheryl Cole’, is the girl who the majority of men are insanely attracted to, and the kind of woman who women aspire to be like. With her gorgeous luscious hair, beautiful petite body-frame, pins to die for, perfect fashion sense and adorable personality, woman all around the world look up to her and try to imitate her… but the main attraction we get towards Cheryl is due to her absolutely gorgeous, deep and striking dimples! Cheryl’s dimples have influenced a number of people all around the world and it has shown in recent studies that surgeons have admitted there has bin an 11% increase of enquires into the new craze known as ‘dimpleplasty’.

Why surgery isn’t the answer…

Surgeons have even admitted that there is no information on what long term affects will be from ‘dimpleplasty’,  and   that the surgery could look dreadful in years to come as soon as the face begins to droop with age. Cheryl’s dimples only appear when she smiles or pulls certain facial expressions, whereas surgery dimples are permanently on show whether you are smiling or not, which will leave you having un-natural looking dimples.Surgery can also go wrong, and there have bin situations where people have had the dimple surgery done, and have encountered problems as such as one dimple looking larger than the other, uneven size and depth of dimples on both cheeks, different looking   dimples on each cheek or dimples that have lost density and have not stayed as deep as the client wanted.

The surgery is expensive, painful and also the fact that you could be left with scars doesn’t seem to sound as safe as doing the process naturally… also this surgery is NOT reversible!!

The natural way is the best way. Do you really want to risk your beautiful face with surgery or piercings? Of course not!