6 fun facts about dimples

April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

If you are going to have a deformity, it sure as heck should be dimples.

They make a simple smile off the charts sexy. And they are impossible to resist. If you have dimples, you can be damn sure that you have an army of followers majorly crushing on you.

Those small indentations that grace our bodies are beyond charming and there is a reason why everybody wishes they had them.

Below are 6 fun facts about dimples that you might not know:

1. Gelasin

Leighton-Meester-Laughing dimples

Gelasin sounds like either some kind of weird foundation primer that your Grandma uses, or a dodgy medical ointment that you get prescribed and want to keep secret. It is not actually either of those things and is indeed way less scary.

It is actually the technical term for a dimple. Gelasin is derived from the Greek word “gelaein,” which means “to laugh,” which makes a lot of sense as dimples are most prominent when we either laugh or smile.

2. It is a genetic deformity

joseph gordon-levitt laughing dimples

These small indentations of flesh, which can be found on various body parts (most commonly, the cheek, chin or back) are classed as a medical deformity.

I am fairly sure that it is the kind of deformity one that most people would be happy enough (pretty ecstatic) to live with.

3. Good luck charm

shuffling cards gif

Many cultures consider dimples to be a sign of  beauty, good luck, and prosperity – Which basically means that taking a friend with dimples along to a casino could be a very good idea… Anyone up for a game of Blackjack?

4. The elite 20%

maleficent green envy gif

20% of the population are born with dimples. Which leaves the other 80% when they are not blowing out birthday candles and wishing they could be a part of that very elite 20% club green with envy.

5. The dimple machine

Isabella Gilbert dimple machine

People have longed for dimples for a long, long time. Back in 1936, a woman from New York called Isabella Gilbert invented the first dimple machine. It looked a lot like a torture device, and is proof that people will do anything to attain beauty. Not that we can blame them, the lure of dimples is not something we could pass up.

6. Dimples make you look younger

baby with dimples

Well, not that young, but still, people will be wondering if you have been drinking from the Fountain of Youth.

Dimples are a lot of things: Cute, sexy, laugh inducing (in the ‘I can’t help but laugh with you’ kind of way), youthful, charming  and bewitching.

They are also attainable.

Have a good read of the site, we can help you become one of the 20% and achieve your dimple dreams.