18 of the hottest celebrities with dimples

April 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

These men and women are some of the hottest celebrities to ever grace our screens. Their gorgeous hair, bodies, faces and talents all make for the perfect package that leave men and women lusting in their wake.

But what do they all have in common?

They all have dimples – Some more pronounced than others, but dimples all the same.

Although dimples are known as a genetic medical deformity this does not take anything away from their appeal. In fact, in a lot of cultures from all around the globe, dimples are seen as a sign of beauty, prosperity and good luck. And with the way these dimples help light up these celebs faces, we can totally see why.

Below are 18 of the hottest celebrities with dimples (in no particular order):

Bradley Cooper

bradley cooper dimples

Blue eyes and dimples – could you want for more?

Miranda Kerr
miranda kerr dimples

Jamie Dornan
jamie dornan dimples shirtless
Mr Grey, your dimples are showing…

Jennifer Garner
jennifer garner dimples laughing jimmy fallon
When she smiles, we can’t help it – we smile too!

Brad Pitt
brad pitt dimples
The first rule about dimple club, is you don’t talk about dimple club!

Ashley Greene
ashley greene dimples
Dimples, not just for vampires

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
joseph gordon-levitt dimples
Not a smile anyone could resist

Kirsten Dunst
kirsten dunst dimples
Her dimples were good enough for Spider-Man, and they are good enough for us too

Sam Claflin
sam claflin dimples
District 4 hottie has a set of dimples that could catch anyone on fire

Cameron Diaz
cameron diaz dimples
Truly mesmerising and super hot

Matthew McConaughey
Alright, alright, alright!

Leighton Meester
leighton meester smiles dimples
Gossip girl couldn’t stay quiet about this girls dimples

Josh Holloway
josh holloway dimples
So cheeky!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
catherine duchess of cambridge dimples
Royal dimples!

Adam Levine
adam levine dimples tattoos
Dimples and tattoos make for the best combination

Cheryl Cole
cheryl cole dimples
Simply gorgeous.

These celebs are dimpletastic. Did we miss anyone? Which dimpled celebrities would make your hot list?